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Brisbane / Sydney, Australia – Bio Date. SoAR-002: A copulation of insanity, insanity borne by five teenagers from Sydney’s Northern Beaches with an adept ability to write raw, punishing and brutal Death Metal. Two demos showcased a world of promise, before vanishing into obscurity. “As their Screams Feed My Hunger, Their Flesh Becomes My Canvas” announces Neuropath’s Vulgar Rebirth.

In 1993, the tentacles of Neuropath’s early foundations spread through the halls of Cromer High School located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, initially under the moniker of ‘Coprophagia’. At 17 years of age, Daniel STUBBS (Lead/Rhythm Guitars) and a 14-year-old Anthony WATSON (Rhythm Guitar) begun jamming together, initially gorging on Obituary and Kreator covers. It wasn’t long before Luke BURNS (15 years – Drums) and Carl ‘Barney’ HAUPTSTEIN (15 Years - Bass) joined the fold, with Mark WANGMANN (15 years – Vocals) completing the line-up a short time later.

With an appreciation of bands like Cannibal Corpse, Obituary and Deicide, the band developed a penchant for all things horror and serial killer related. Not long after, the band name changed from ‘Coprophagia’ to ‘Neuropath’.

Neuropath initially honed their live craft around the local Northern Beaches area. As their name spread, so did the invitations to play at City venues with bands of similar ilk such as Oracle of the Void, Tscabeze, Lord Kaos, and Dead Spawn.

On the 5th of March 1995 Neuropath documented their first demo cassette ‘Nefarious Vivisection’. ‘Nefarious Vivisection’ was self-released, and a purging of the band’s older material, but it showcased the uncompromisingly raw and brutal sound of Death Metal of that era. Its rawness may have been abetted by the fact it was released unmastered, however it caught the eye of many, including Sydney’s legendary Warhead Records.

1995 saw Neuropath’s live presence around Sydney intensify which would enable their sound to mature into a tighter and more technical style of Death Metal. This progression was complimented by Ali CHAMAS (Bass – later joining Lord Kaos) joining the fold and replacing HAUPTSTEIN on bass. By December 1995 the band was ready to record their second cassette demo, “Desert of Excruciation” which was released, again unmastered, on Warhead Records mid-1996.

By the time ‘Desert of Excruciation’ was recorded STUBBS was 20 years of age, CHAMAS 19, BURNS and WANGMANN 17 and WATSON still only 16. It appeared that Neuropath’s evolution post Desert of Excruciation was hurtling even deeper into a more brutal and technical direction taking influence from bands like Suffocation, Pyrexia and Cryptopsy.  

Between the recording of Desert of Excruciation and its release six months later, WATSON had departed the band and Frank MUNOZ (later joining Miscreation and Lord Kaos) stepped in. The band’s line-up on paper was perhaps it’s strongest to that point and had the Australian Underground eagerly anticipating their next output. Construction on new material commenced, however, a culmination of factors led to the band breaking up late 96/early 97.

28years on and with both ‘Nefarious Vivisection’ and ‘Desert of Excruciation’ even harder to find amongst the underground mire, Sphere of Apparition is honoured to collaborate with Neuropath and present “As their Screams Feed My Hunger, Their Flesh Becomes My Canvas” on CD. “As their Screams….” is a compilation of both demos, which have been re-mastered by Dredged Oblivion. The re-mastering process has not only induced a slighter brighter sound, but brought both demos just a little closer to their overwhelming potential from all those years ago.  

Cover art work has been completed by xxxxxx and detailed linear notes of the band’s history authored by Daniel STUBBS.

Twisted notes of agony, a burning death for infinity….Neuropath

** This is an official release **

Metal Archives link for Neuro. SoAR page for Neuro.

Track listing for ONI - Incantation Superstition:

1. Intro
2. Creature of Chaos
3. Herald to Hell on Earth
4. One Limb After the Other
5. Fullfilment in the Fields of Agony

1. Slain
2. Seppuku Blade
3. Incantation Superstition
4. Altar of Sacrifice (Slayer Cover)

ONI – Incantation Superstition will be available for digital download via our Bandcamp: – Warhead records
Former ONI Members can now be contacted through their current entities:

Don TAYLOR - Tzun Tzu: /

Pahl HODGSON – Beyond Mortal Dreams:
FB: @beyondmortaldreams

Sphere of Apparition Records, ratified 2020, is an independent label/distro expulsed from the bowels of Brisbane, Australia. Sphere of Apparition's fundamental intent is to re-issue Australian Death and Black metal from antecedent eons. 

Sphere of Apparition Records
PO Box 266
Rochedale South
QLD, Australia

FB: @sphereofapparitionrecords


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