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Don Oni
Pahl Oni
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Matt Oni
Jason Oni
SoAr-001: ONI - Incantation Superstition: Oriental infused Dark and Brutal Australian Death Metal reissued on Vinyl & CD.



Brisbane / Adelaide, Australia – JUNE-2022. SoAR-001: Emetic, twisted scriptures of Tsun Tzu (Art of War) and the Book of 5 Rings. Compositions of unfettered dark and brutal death metal insanity interwoven through unwieldy spasms of anguished malevolence. This is hell. This is ONI.

Japanese folklore states that the feared “Oni” is the physical transformation of the dead’s soul. Once evil and malevolent physical beings who went to hell and later transmogrified into demon’s and ogres.

Between 1999 – 2003 in Adelaide Australia, the demon of ONI was given life in the form of a four-piece dark and brutal death metal band. ONI’s foundations in hell were laid by Don Taylor (Guitars/Vocals - Tzun Tzu, Slaughter Thou, Martire) and Matt Butt (Drums ex- Darklord, ex-Beyond Mortal Dreams, ex-Stargazer) who were later joined by Pahl Hodgson (Bass / Vocals – Beyond Mortal Dreams, Oath of Damnation, Johnny Touch, ex-Darklord) and Jason Van Dendriesen (ex- Deluge). During the second half of the bands existence, appearances were also made on Guitar by The Serpent Inquisitor (Stargazer), Necromancer (Darklord) and Peter O’Donohue (Miscreation).  

ONI combined oriental influences with dark, brooding and highly proficient death metal ferocity and quickly established themselves amongst the small but thriving Australian death metal landscape.

ONI’s rapid ascent was acknowledged with invitations to play at some of Australia’s Premier Underground Festivals BloodLust and Armageddon Adelaide, whilst levelling venues along the east coast in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane.

In the background, the recording process for ONI had begun with fervour. By the cessation of ONI’s life, they had self-released two demos in 2001, Enshrined to the Dead and a second unnamed demo which was later replicated in a split co-released by Dead by Dawn Records / Dissident Records with fellow Adelaidean’s Jesus Anal Penetration. In 2002 a 7” Gatefold split with America’s Warkult via Soulseller Records was released. ONI was also represented on several compilations including the Dissident Records Compilation CD, Decius Productions Barbaric Onslaught 12” LP; an appearance on Blood in the Water a compilation disc by the mighty Sounds of Death magazine; and on Hell at Last – A Tribute to Slayer amongst others.

Fast Forward to 2022 and it is with great honour that Brisbane’s Sphere of Apparition Records can once again breathe life into the ONI demon. Aptly titled Incantation Superstition, Sphere of Apparition is proud to reissue a compendium of ONI material on 12” vinyl totalling over 32 minutes, with their complete catalogue documented plus a Slayer cover - Altar of Sacrifice from the Hell at Last – A tribute to Slayer compilation.

Remastered by Ignis Fatuus (Impetuous Ritual / Portal / Grave Upheaval) a concerted effort has been made to keep the sound consistent with the original, nostalgic sonority captured from the early 2000’s and replicate it onto 150 copies of traditional black wax. New artwork has been furnished by Pahl HODGSON and a montage of assorted band photos and fliers act as part of the inlay component constructed by Don TAYLOR.

ONI has risen and hell....shall denied!

** This is an official release **

Track listing for ONI - Incantation Superstition:

1. Intro
2. Creature of Chaos
3. Herald to Hell on Earth
4. One Limb After the Other
5. Fullfilment in the Fields of Agony

1. Slain
2. Seppuku Blade
3. Incantation Superstition
4. Altar of Sacrifice (Slayer Cover)

ONI – Incantation Superstition will be available for for digital download and streaming via: Bandcamp | Spotify | Youtube

Former ONI Members can now be contacted through their current entities:

Don TAYLOR - Tzun Tzu:

Pahl HODGSON – Beyond Mortal Dreams:
FB: @beyondmortaldreams

Don Oni
Jason Oni
Pahl Oni
Don San
Miscreation Pete Oni
Matt Oni
Necromancer Oni

** Photographs courtesy of, and published with the permissions of Jodi and Kat Jerrett (Season Decay) and Arzarkhel (Astriaal / BlackTalon Media) **

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