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Anatomy (AUS) / Long Voyage Back (AUS) Split 7"

Anatomy (AUS) / Long Voyage Back (AUS) Split 7"

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Anatomy may need no introduction after a collection of represses over the years particularly from "Twisting Depths". Tracks by Anatomy are the "Suncrusher" Promo-Demo recorded in 1998, and differ from the versions appearing on Anatomy - The Witches Of Dathomir.

Long Voyage Back's track is taken from the debut album Long Voyage Back - Long Voyage Back. LVB was a one man band (Phil Gresik - ex Bestial Warlust, Hobbs Angel of Death, D666) which produced slow to mid paced doomy metal further incorporating elements of black and death metal.

** Some minor fading on the Anatomy side of the sleeve.