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Encabulos (AUS) - Exhumed Abominations

Encabulos (AUS) - Exhumed Abominations


** Bundle Packs Available. This is an official product **

Nuclear Winter Records' quest to support quality Australian Metal of DEATH never stops and after having released albums for Beyond Mortal Dreams, Golgothan Remains, Eskhaton, Laceration Mantra, Sarcophagum and Temple Nightside, now comes a compilation CD with the entire body of work of the mighty ENCABULOS - released on October 17th 2022.

Encabulos was formed in 1995 and in a span of just a few years they delivered two demos and one MCD of Savage Dark Death Metal released at a time when most of the scene was focused into melody or slam brutal nonsense. All mentioned recordings (plus an unreleased track which was meant for a split 7" that never saw the light of day) are now compiled in one CD with all tracks carefully remastered for this occasion, featuring wicked new art and lots of liner notes from the band.
In their own words: "This is the final summary of ENCABULOS material, only for maniacs who crave the most forgotten and cataclysmic Death Metal from the grave…"
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