Slowly We Rot Fanzine - Issues 14, 15, 17, 18

Slowly We Rot Fanzine - Issues 14, 15, 17, 18


Slowly We Rot Fanzine (Underground attitude and contents, Produced in Transylvania, English written, A4 format, black/white, glossy. Each issue contains Interviews, reviews and a free compilation CD).

Slowly We Rot #18 / 2021: Featuring interviews with: 1914, Ad Nauseam, Adventum, Diaboli, Anatomia, Aposento, Baest, Bloated Pig, Cadaveria, Carnal Savagery, Clouds, Codex Nero, Disgorged Foetus, Erupted Evil, Faecal Putrefaction, Fractal Universe, Gore Insanity, Grimleal, Groza, In Mourning, Infernal Throne, Keep of Kalessin Nargathrond, Nightfall, Panzergoat, Persekutor, Psycho Mantis, Relentless Aggression, Suffering Hour, Temple of Decay, Terminal Carnage, Transilvania, Vergeblichkeit, Wallfahrer, Zmarchrob, Zora + special interview about the digital "scene" with Vlad Busca, Head of Digital at Universal Music Romania + reviews + free compilation CD

Slowly We Rot #17 / 2021: 56 pages featuring interviews with: Anthropic, Cyanide Grenade, Die Entweihung, Djinn-Ghül, Emperium, Galvornhathol, Gloomy Grim, Goat Tyrant, Grom Records, Haunted Cenotaph, Human Serpent, Inhumate, Königreichssaal, Lost in Grey, Mask of Satan, Mephorash, Moeror, Mortiferuz, Nervosa, Night Crowned, Obscure Relic, Ossario, Psychotic Waltz, Rabid Flesh Eaters, Sibireal, Speedkiller, Terrordome, The Flesh Trading Company, Tiran, Vanhelga, Vermilia, Yaldabaoth, Yoth Iria + Hungarian Scene Report + reviews + free compilation CD

Slowly We Rot #15 / 2020: 60 pages featuring interviews with: !T.O.O.H.!, Abramelin, Apokalyptic Raids, Belle Morte, Blood Chalice, Broken Trinity, Burden of Life, Crest of Darkness, Cryptobiosis, Devilish Impressions, Dismembered Carnage, Djevel, Ecatonia, Einherjer, Elixir of Distress, Enshadowed, Evoken, Impalement, Kalmo, Kirkebrann, Konvent, Kostnatění, Lacktor, Lacrimas Profundere, Lucid Conformity, Marrasmieli, Melektaus, Murder Van, Nyrst, Profanation, Putrid, Pythia, Repugnant Scum, Rites to Sedition, Siren's Rain, Thy Catafalque, Unburied + reviews, zine scene + free compilation CD!

Slowly We Rot #14 / 2019: Featuring interviews with: Ahriman, Crucifier, Cryptopsy, Disastrous Murmur, Disinter, Ethnocide, Extreme, Formicarius, Frantic Amber, Fullmåne, Goats of Purgatory, God Shaped Devil, Graveyard, Immortal Empire, Kampfar, Karmanjaka, Kill, Likfunn, Malediction, Mixomatosis, Mysthicon, Nargaroth, Nihilo, Officium Triste, Poroniec, Sönambula, Sorrowseed, Stranguliatorius, Superbeast, The Black Court, The Black Moriah, Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf, Torment Tool, Windfaerer, Xerión + reviews, zine scene + free compilation CD!