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Transgressor (JP) - Beyond Oblivion CD

Transgressor (JP) - Beyond Oblivion CD

For those unfamiliar, TRANSGRESSOR formed in Tokyo, Japan in 1989 and put out a series of incredible demos before unleashing their classic death metal debut “Ether for Scapegoat” in 1992. For more than thirty years there hasn’t been any new music from Transgressor… until now.


Takashi (Anatomia, Necrophile) was rejoined by Akihito and Kimihide from the “Ether to Scapegoat” lineup alongside newcomer Satoshi Ishida (Sabbat, Magnesium, Metalucifer) to craft five dark new songs that are sure to please fans of death metal and fans of the classic Transgressor material.


Released by the mighty Sewer Rot Records - we will be stocking CD variants only. Cassette pressings will be handled by Unholy Domain Records and Tanaka Shoten.
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