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Witchmaster (POL) - Kaźń

Witchmaster (POL) - Kaźń

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Witchmaster ends its seven-year slumber to bring more chaos and clamour through the art of blackened thrash metal. Since 1996, the band descends deeper and deeper into an absurd theatre of cruelty, pursuing the cold embrace of aural depravity and darkness. "Sipping blood from skulls and gnawing the bones of old gods, we hope to let you down once again," comments the band perversely.

WITCHMASTER comprises bassist and vocalist Reyash (Azarath (live), ex-Vader, Supremer Lord), guitarist and vocalist Kali (Five the Hierophant, ex-Profanum), drummer and guitarist Inferno (Azarath, Behemoth) and vocalist Bastis (ex-Profanum).

"Kaźń" was recorded at Wieloślad Studio by Haldor Grunberg. The album was mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg and Inferno. Cover artwork by Durda.

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