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Adversaion (US) - Dejection of the Malign Tabernacle CD

Adversaion (US) - Dejection of the Malign Tabernacle CD


From deep within the sewers of Kalremia crawls a new project from the dwellers of Sewer Rot Records! Adversaion is a high concept, narrative focused, symphonic brutal death metal opera featuring Andrew MV (Coagulate, Sewer Rot Records) and Pete Bucci (Myconith), with session work from members of Teeth and Resurrectionist. Follow the exploits of The High Lord Saint Vaerus The Immaculate, as a crisis of faith propels him on a journey to discover the truth beyond the shadows of his world, leading him on a quest across the vast lands of Kalremia to destroy the God he once served. Adversaion features professional narrations from Bryan Clark (Coagulate) as well as acted roles from Andrew MV as the voices of Lord Vaerus and his disturbed brother, The Hierophant. The Dejection of the Malign Tabernacle was mixed and Mastered by Rollie Ulug (Teeth) with art by the illustrious Nev (Gruesome Graphx). This release also features a surprise demo of the first track of Adversaion’s full length, which will feature a full orchestra from Christopher J. Cozzi, the apprentice of the legendary Harry Manfredini (Friday the 13th). Due to the high focus on the narrative of this project, the band has asked that the listeners take the time to read through the lyrics. You won’t regret it!

Listen Here:

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