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Choir (SGP) - Songs for a Tarnished World CD

Choir (SGP) - Songs for a Tarnished World CD


When 'Drawn to an Early Grave' unfolds its might upon you for the first time, it is guaranteed to make you absolutely speechless. It has a climax so heavy, you will find yourself begging for more.

And Choir are here to deliver - with their newest full length 'Songs for a Tarnished World'. If you didn't know you needed a nasty mix of cavernous Doom and War Metal devastation, now you do!

It is no coincidence that this album serves as the perfect soundtrack for the looming end of the world. And Choir will educate you about that in the most disgusting way possible. Embrace it!

FFO: Impetuous Ritual, Altarage, Primitive Man

**Rear tray cards sustained creasing during transit to Aus**

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