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Crucifier (US) - Led Astray CD

Crucifier (US) - Led Astray CD

The third album of America's Crucifier - Led Astray.
One of the longest-running entities in the American underground, Crucifier was formed in 1990 by vocalist/drummer Cazz Grant. While a myriad lineups would come and go - and the band's eventual debut album, Stronger Than Passing Time, wouldn't be released until 2003 - Crucifier have kept consistent to their blasphemous, blackened death metal style steeped in the truly ancient and most underground ways.
Led Astray is a masterclass in memorable, METAL riffing and twisted rhythmic thrust. As is their signature, Crucifier sound positively primal here but never primitive; while these nine screeds of blasphemy might confuse or insult normcore listeners, there's an extremely considered & calculated delirium behind their blackened devilry. As such, the "tight looseness" that's characterized Crucifier's work to date gets sharpened to an enviable degree as these nine labyrinths surge and storm with a paradoxical / perverse sense of class. Credit the latter largely to the jaw-dropping dual lead-work across Led Astray: an element that's been bubbling in the Crucifier cauldron for years, but which really reaches a superlative level here. Of course, Grant's vocals are as diabolic as ever, seemingly coming from every direction and hackle-raising in their articulation.
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