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Cryptworm (UK) - Oozing Radioactive Vomiton CS

Cryptworm (UK) - Oozing Radioactive Vomiton CS


Packing a punch of putrescence, Cryptworm’s annihilating grooves and offal-drenched soundscapes fit the nastiest niches of Death Metal’s darkest depths. Their new record instantly picks up where the previous left off with the fetid filth spraying forth from every element. The riffs bounce like a corpse being molested in the dead of night while the pulverising drums punish with equally sadistic force. Gruesome vocals spew atop these instrumental violations and altogether the sound on “Oozing Radioactive Vomition” contort into the most hostile and hideous vision from the band to date.

Each mangled moment will have you feeling quite unwell with the disgusting delivery as unrelenting as you should already expect, being that any real Death Metal lover will already be engrossed in the grotesque sounds of Cryptworm by now. Their new offering injects even more fury and unpleasantries into the already crushing sound they had carefully built, taking things even further into the abyssal murk of the underground for all real maniacs to revel in the molten rot on display. If the song titles such as “Miasmatic Foetid Odour” and “Engulfed by Gurgling Purge Fluids” don’t already give you an idea of what to expect, than allow your ears to fall victim to the sonic suppuration of Cryptworm’s most malformed release to date…

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