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Eternal Rot (POL/UK) - Moribound CD

Eternal Rot (POL/UK) - Moribound CD


The highly anticipated 3rd album by this Polish/U.K. band. Eternal Rot crawled out of a musty dungeon in London in 2012, born out of a passion for Death Metal by Mayer and Grindak. Their 2013 Promo Tape demo (released as Grave Grooves on 7" EP through Fallen Temple Productions a year after), featured two swampy and deadly tracks that attracted vigilant zombies who began to spread the word about a new sonic disease. A few years of disgusting excavations later, they joined forces with Godz Ov War Productions and spewed out the debut album "Cadaverine", which was adorned with the artwork of Mark Riddick, who would ultimately become the band´s artist of choice from then on. Shortly after, the duo were joined by Radek Pierściński (Meat Spreader, Neuropathia, The Dead Goats) on drums, and the result was the band´s second album, "Putridarium", which featured an improved formula of their already trademark purulent and über-crushing Death Metal. The band´s latest chapter of filth up to date was the 2021 split with Death/Doom Metal powerhouse Coffins, on Behind the Mountain Records. Now, at long last, Eternal Rot will release their 3rd album, "Moribound". Aptly titled in a perverse way and again graced with another unforgettable Mark Riddick cover, "Moribound" proves that the power-trio´s Death Metal is as undead as ever - "rottenly fresh", as it were, or perhaps "freshly rotten"! No compromise made and no quarter given, Eternal Rot stick to their grimy guns and unleash another slab of organ-crushing, mind-blowing, and sickening Death Metal. That it´s stripped to the fucking bone is one thing (and indeed it is); that it´s insanely catchy is another! Someone once said that it takes a truly smart man to know when to be dumb, and Eternal Rot just might be the smartest men around with the ignorant, knuckle-dragging stomp of "Moribound". There´s just no resisting these anthems-in-the-making, especially as the gut-wrenching crunch devours you whole and then sucks the very marrow from both bone and soul. Of course, a horror-drenched atmosphere still pervades all that Eternal Rot do, but the modus operandi here is undeniably the absolute crush of the listener - in the catchiest way possible! Maniacs for Autopsy, Undergang, Hooded Menace, Rippikoulu, Anatomia, Disma, Coffins, Grave, Incantation and Funebrarum, prepare to permanently add Eternal Rot to that list with "Moribound"!

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