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Excruciate (AUS) - Bound and Gagged CD

Excruciate (AUS) - Bound and Gagged CD


Excruciate were a gore themed gutteral Death/Black Metal band from Australia's Sunshine Coast initially formed in 1998.

After one year the band released a demo titled "Fiend's of Gore" in 1999. This was followed up in 2003 with limited release of the debut EP "Chambers Of The Defleshed" via BlackTalon Media.

After reforming in early 2006, the band entered the studio with a new line up in July to begin recording the debut full length "BOUND AND GAGGED" which was released April 2007.

Violent, crushing brutal death gore. Dirty guitars, tight, punishing drums and ultra-guttural vocals that are bound to cause vibrations around your perineum. Excruciate had an immense stage presence and at their peak were hard to supass for ultra-heavy and extreme brutal death gore in Australia.


Submit to be barbarically pulpified.

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Re: Sleeve Graded VG: CD has never been played and kept in storage. There's two slight indentations on the rear inlay page like someone has used the inlay to place a piece of paper ontop and write on the paper. Both about 1-2 Long/Wide.

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