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Kaal Akuma (BGD) - Turiya MCD

Kaal Akuma (BGD) - Turiya MCD


Obscure Death Metal from Bangladesh, CD limited to 300 copies.

KAAL AKUMA are a death metal band from the crypts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Formed in late 2018, the power-trio lean towards a more atmospheric approach to the music while keeping their OSDM influences intact. Their lyrical philosophy includes personalized philosophy in the way of psychological horror, Mayan mythology, misanthropy, death, and darkness. Since their formation, they’ve performed in several live gigs throughout the country, where their evil ambietic sound gained a cult following.

During the spring of 2021, KAAL AKUMA released their celebrated debut album, In the Mouth of Madness, and now follow that up with a swift-yet-satisfying EP titled Turiya. Picking up where that full-length left off, the three-song/21-minute Turiya sees the hydra-headed trio continuing to explore epic song lengths whilst keeping the energy at suffocating levels. Their attack hammers and slithers with equal aplomb, and even when rhythms get twisted into angular shapes, their forward propulsion punishes the listener with no small amount of crush and cruelty. Here, KAAL AKUMA have become especially adept at eerie, oft-hypnotic breakdowns that instill a tantalizing sense of repose that heightens the tension before the next shapeshifting onslaught of sound. Best of all, perhaps, Turiya retains an earthy, authentically analog sound, proving that KAAL AKUMA are truly cut from an ancient cloth.

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