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Kaal Nagini (IND) - Refracted Lights of a Blind God MCD

Kaal Nagini (IND) - Refracted Lights of a Blind God MCD


Hailing from Kolkata, KAAL NAGINI are a vital new entity among India's ever-rising extreme metal underground. As such, KAAL NAGINI are among the Kolkata Inner Order in a percussive alliance with MVOQH, an esteemed figure from the Siamese Underground.

Cruel and martial and overwhelming, KAAL NAGINI's death metal aims for oblivion and promptly delivers the listener there - if they can even withstand the immediate barrage of nuclear-warped decibels the power-trio so effortlessly unload. Refracted Lights of a Blind God, the band's first public recording, comprises four massive tracks across 17 minutes of unchained & unrestrained ultraviolence. With universal adversarial syncretism as their lyrical muse, KAAL NAGINI distort and disorient perceptions of what "death metal" is and can be. Never devolving into pure noise nor afraid to overload frequencies to their maximalist limit, these undulating vortexes reveal rude shapes and impossible angles, but ones not without purpose: the glorification of Kali, and the emergence and idiosyncratic sound of Kalikshetra.

And this is but the opening arsenal of KAAL NAGINI. Offer obeisance or prepare to be mowed down by these Refracted Lights of a Blind God.

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