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Unholy Redeemer (AUS/DEN) - A Fever to Dethrone All Kings MCD

Unholy Redeemer (AUS/DEN) - A Fever to Dethrone All Kings MCD


UNHOLY REDEEMER - 'A Fever to Dethrone All Kings': Sphere of Apparition Records (AUS) in collaboration with Extremely Rotten Productions (DEN) is proud to present a new, sinister force of Death Metal Darkness; UNHOLY REDEEMER – ‘A fever to Dethrone all Kings’. OUT 12-APR-2024 on MCD and Cassette.

The sacrilegious congregation of UNHOLY REDEEMER draws together an experienced trinity of filth; Steven HULL (Guitars – Encabulos, Crucifire) and Jarro RAPHAEL (Drums / Bass – Nocturnal Graves, Psychic Mass, Deströyer 666) from Australia, with Jens Bendtsen Pedersen (Vokills – Cerekloth, Perdition’s Mire, The Pale Hand) from Denmark rounding out the line-up.

The three tracks used to construct “A fever to Dethrone all Kings” have remained dormant since the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Resurrected by HULL and RAPHAEL, these catacombic compositions have been brought back to life with dark, destructive savagery.

Unholy Redeemer draws inspiration from bands such as Morbid Angel and Sadistic Intent, whilst melding elements of churning down-tuned darkness reminiscent of bands such as early Decrepit, Fleshcrawl and Incantation.

Looking forwards, Unholy Redeemer will take a methodical and traditional approach to their art with further works already in the pipeline, featuring new bassist Tommi Grönqvist (Slugathor, Desecresy).

Impious blasphemies, hail the Unholy Redeemer!


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